Halloween prep

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Tonight was a busy night in the kitchen.

I started off making the last of the Jello (gross) for the school fun fair tomorrow  night.  They are going to put them inside of pumpkins with spaghetti and stuffs. Still gross!  I’ve made 9 packages. I hope it’s enough!

I made a batch of gluten-free sugar cookies and icing for Carter’s class party tomorrow.




I made those cookies from a mix. So grateful to have found it since I’ve been trying to no avail to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.  They were always a flop.  They always came out looking more like chocolate chip cookie crisps.  I’ve yet to figure out the secret. I’m sure I’ll figure it out one of these days.  I could buy them from the bakery but I really like cooking sweets…..

Thennnn I made Banana Bread Energy Bars (from the Thrive Diet book – http://www.brendanbrazier.com/index.html)

They didn’t come out as I had hoped.  They are supposed to be supple, yet you are supposed to be able to cut them into bars. I rolled mine into  balls. Apparently they are easier to work with as they dry.  I’ll try them tomorrow.

IMG_4456The best thing I got today was Carter’s lunch for school tomorrow.  Everyday he gets two sandwiches (gluten-free bread is dense yet short), a bottle of water (or apple juice) and two snacks which vary.  Last week the school announced that they were going to have a sub day for all of the kids. For $5.00 they would get a small sub, juice and plain baked lays. BUMMER!  Poor Carter. I felt so bad for him  since he wouldn’t be able to eat this and would have to watch everyone else eat them.  I even contemplated keeping him home from school for that say. But that day ended up being Oct. 30th so he would also be missing out on all the Halloween fun at school.  Ugh. Cory came up with a great idea and saved the day!  He said that I should ask the bakery if they would be able to make a sub bun for Carter, then we could just bring it to the school and voila! he wouldn’t miss a thing!  The bakery said “no problem!” . Yay! They are the best and Cory is so clever!   http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=11601236366&v=wall I picked up the package (and our gluten-free bread) today.  They also included some chocolate chip cookies that he can eat at recess.

IMG_4451Sweet. Carter can’t wait. I can not tell you how  important it is to me that Carter not feel left out on occasions like this.

Halloween itself should be interesting. We’ll have to pick out most of the candy, but I’m sure we’ll find a few things for him to eat.  I can’t wait to see Carter  in his class tomorrow with his school buddies to see what he’s really like with them.

And on another note; the sunrise this morning was pretty amazing again.  The picture just does not do it justice!


So here’s to tomorrow and another crazy day! 🙂





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My father has upgraded his blend to this beauty:

vitamixI’m a little jealous after viewing all the videos on performance at http://www.vita-mix.com.  It’s a little out of my league price-range wise.  Anywhoo….. Dad handed over his Breville blender he bought not long ago.  Don’t get me wrong, the blender Jen & Gerald gave us for housewarming last year has done good stuff for me.  But this is a super blender.  It also has a smoothie option (yay breakfast!),  is quiet, powerful  and on an on. Anyways, I can’t wait to use it in the morning.  I’m going to try a new smoothie to celebrate the new blender…. bananas, madjool dates, a little vanilla and water.  Should be interesting.

New blender!

There’s the blender in its new home on my counter.  yay blender!

Moving on….

This morning everyone was still sleeping when I forced myself out of bed.  The sunrise was beautiful.   My pictures of it came out awful because my camera was on the wrong setting and I was too bleary eyed to notice. Oh well, here’s a blurry, you get the idea 🙂

Sun riseand here are some of my weekend goodies:


Now I’m going to bed.  Tomorrow should be the last of my “sane” days until Sunday.   Tomorrow is picking up Carter’s bread from Thibault’s and making more Jello for the school Halloween family fun night. Thursday work stuffs, pick up Carter’s sub for SubDay at school from Thibault’s, making cookies and frosting for Carters class party on Friday…. I’m sure there’s more but I can’t remember.  Friday is school related Halloween stuff, and the family fun fair at Meadowfields.  Saturday = Halloween. More on the excitement of that day later…..

Tomorrow is also my oldest, bestest friends birthday!  I’m sure she’ll have a great one, right J?  And by oldest I mean time, not age. heh. That was a crack.  I’ve only got 2.5 months to make her feel older than  me. Love ya! xo


a long, long time ago.... ok not really. England, UK 1999. B, L, J

forget that i mentioned that….

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I always complain that I never post all of the time.  How annoying is that?  I don’t think many people read this anyways…

so whatever.

Over the past months, while  tirelessly searching out ideas for our wedding — I’ve developed an obsession for blogs. Visual blogs mostly.  Pictures of paper, cloth, stuff.  mmmmmmmm I’ve spend most of my Sunday’s doing this.

So I’ll list today’s favorites:

After sleeping in (thanks Cory 🙂 ), I spent the rest of the morning browsing wedding blogs, then getting the kids in the car after Cory went to football…..  we got lots accomplished this time!

We went to a park to cut down some hydrangeas (don’t tell anyone!) to dry out for the wedding  in May.  Then hit two Frenchies where I found some material and a few mason jars (one of my picks for wedding decor).  Then went and bought some wedding ribbon, grabbed a coffee and made  it back home just  in time to throw a pizza in the over for Cory.  whew.

Mom and Dad came over for supper tonight which was nice since we didn’t feel like we ran around all day.

I finally watched “One Week”.  http://www.tribute.ca/trailers/One+Week/17215 so good.

A very cute point to note for the night…. Brooklyn wanted me to read “The Edible Woman” to her at bedtime.  I obviously said no, but how cute is that?  I love her.


See, I told you so.

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I haven’t posted here since February.  See.

I knew!

I’ll be better I promise.

Happy birthday friend.

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I wish you were still here to share these days with.

Miss you. ♥ 


Things I like… and love… photo self-challenge

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I like lots of things now that I think of it.  hah

I though of this post after reading my friend Sherrie’s blog (http://frenchyfinds.blogspot.com/)

Her photos are awesome and they are comforting!  I love the colors, softness, everything!

So. Even though my camera has been giving me a hard time lately (killing batteries, not a strong enough flash etc) I am going to take pics of things  I like and love this week in trying to  return to my love of photography and arts.

Thanks for the inspiration Sherrie!  Speaking of which, one of my  loves is the soap that Sherrie makes that can be seen here:


Birch Bark Soap

LOVE !!!

~ L

Be Greatful

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